Thursday, 17 November 2016

Mint Foamiran Flowers Combinations

Hello foamiran lovers!

I have done small experiment.
In Monika's SHOP you can find different colours of foamiran.
And what you can do with it? Flowers of course.
But just plain colours? NO!
You can mix it with any colour inks! You can use any brand ink of your choice.

I have took mint colour foamiran and I have played with it little bit.

Here you can see just plain mint colour flower.
Do you like it? I don't know... something is missing...

First, I have took navy ink and I have shaded just edges of each petals before forming a flower.
And? Looks good.

Next combination is with pink ink.

Here, you can see purple shading.
I like it.

And the last one. It's my favourite one. Combination with yellow ink.
I just love it!

Please look and compare.
Which one you like the most?

Thank you for our attention.
Hope you are going to play with foamiran as I done it.
Please visit shop for NEW products and for FOAMIRAN foam.
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FOAMIRAN FLOWERS UK. Please like and share us.
We are going to share with you all foamiran inspirations and tutorials.
Soon new, christmas tutorial... so stay tuned!!!
Thank you!
Happy crafting!


  1. They all look beautiful. I have just purchased some foamiran from you and I'm looking forward to creating some flowers - hopefully as pretty as these :)

  2. I like the purple and the navy blue - so pretty