Monday, 30 May 2016

Double Photo Frame tutorial

Hello everyone!
As promised today I show you how to make double photo frame like this one...


Cut 2 times 6x8 2 times 5 half x 7 half 
with these cut out the middles leaving inch around the edges.
Measure 4 times chipboard strips at 7 half by 1 inch and 2 at 5 half by half inch. 

Cover the 6x8 boards just on one side cut dog ears of the corner of the paper. 
Using tape to fold paper over edges.

Get your 5 half by 7 half add chipboard strips around the edge of the frame. Leaving top of frames open.

When dry turn over and glue round front of frame glue to choosen paper do this to both frames. 
When dry go from corners to the middle fold around the frame cutting of any excess paper. 
Do the tops of the frames last in the same way

 Take your 6x8 turn to the paper covered sides attach to frames. 
Measure 12 x 8 plus 3 by 8 paper. 
Fold frames in on each other making sure the openings are at the top.
Ink papers.

Wrap round both frames the 12 x 8 add the small 3x8 to bare chipboard. 
Decorate to your taste.

 Happy crafting!


  1. Gorgeous work Sue great design too hugs Sandra xx

  2. Gorgeous work Sue great design too hugs Sandra xx

  3. Wow, this is beyond amazing! Thank you so much for the tutorial, this is a must try for sure! :)

  4. Amazing tutorial. A beautiful work. Thank you.

  5. WOW! Thank you for wonderful tutorial! amazing!