Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Chocolate Ruffle Rose... almost ;)

Hi everyone.
I hope you have had a fantastic day so far :)

Today I'm coming to you with something new... at least for me.
Up to now, I had been trying small or medium foamiran flowers
and because I don't have much time, usually they were quite simple 
or even "lazy" as I like to call them ;)...
but this weekend I decided to try something different... 
a flower which is not only big but needs much more work as well. 

To save some time (yes, if I can I will always do lol)
 I used one of the new metal dies in my shop

However I didn't make a peony... 
I made a rose... Chocolate Riffle Rose... 
or at least I tried to make it lol.

I cut ruffled petals (except the largest one) out using white foamiran 0.6mm
and colour them with dry soft pastels. 

And here is the result

I made leaves as well using olive green foamiran 0.6 and mould 104
but for some reason I haven't make a photo showing that. 

I need to admit I am quite proud of myself :) 
It took me a few hours to make and I burned one of my fingers in a process
but I am happy with the result. 

Please let me know what you think :)

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